Why in the world?

Hello there. I’m Benjamin, my friends call me Ben. I get the awesome pleasure of working at STORY. I get to do really cool things everyday like talking to really neat companies about sales and marketing. I lead a team of creatives who create magical web interfaces, audience flows, and marketing programs.

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Ben Pettit

Ben Pettit is a passionate investor, entrepreneur, business owner, and brand builder. Ben grew up in Spartanburg, SC before attending Anderson University to study the arts and marketing. He currently resides in Simpsonville, SC with his wife, daughter, and son. Ben started his career in 2008 during the worst recession we’ve ever seen. After being laid off for the 3rd time by corporate downsizing, he decided there had to be a better way. During his career, Ben has successfully launched five brands and sold three. He has experience working with startups, real estate developers, industrial giants, and higher education. Learn more about STORY.

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